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Health & Fitness

The biggest fitness trend of 2015

Every year for the past nine years, the American College of Sports Medicine has surveyed thousands of health professionals around the globe to determine what's hot in exercise and what's not. For example, Zumba made...
Wednesday, 3/4/2015 at 8:00AM
Magazines / Golfer Satisfaction Survey

Golfer Satisfaction Survey: What really makes golfers happy?

To find out what really makes golfers happy, we surveyed 2,432 avid golfers on their overall satisfaction across a variety of factors, such as the weather, pace of play, ease of scheduling the tee time, quality of the practice facilities, score and so on.
August 2013
Golf Tours & News / Masters Survey

2013 Masters Survey: 18 Questions

Masters lovers will do the darnedest things.
April 2013

What's Your Golf IQ?

Video: Golf Digest set out to test average golfers on their knowledge of the game.

The Fringe - What's Your Golf IQ?

Golf Digest set out to test average golfers on their knowledge of the game. Here are the surprising results.
Golf Tours & News / Online Survey

2012 Ryder Cup Survey

Would you choose a free pass to the Ryder Cup or a chance to eavesdrop on the locker room conversation?
October 2012
Player Survey

The Best Golfers Of All Time In Each Category

We polled more than 30 PGA Tour players to get their take on who is the best now and of all time at six aspects of the game: driving, putting, short game, bunker play, iron play and mental game. Here are the results.
April 23, 2012
Golf Tours & News / Online Survey

2012 Masters Survey

Would you wear a dress for a Masters ticket?
April 2012
Magazines / Survey results

Survey: Where do you fall on golf's honesty meter?

To determine just how honest the average avid golfer is, we surveyed 2,015. The results may surprise you.
March 2012
Golf Digest Woman / Golf & Women

Survey Results: Avid Women Golfers Speak Out

How do men treat women on the golf course? Our survey shows there's room for improvement.
March 2012
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