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Swing Oil: How to Drink On the Golf Course with Mamrie Hart - How to Keep it Classy on the Green

Dont forget to keep it classy when youre drinking on the golf course. YouTube star Mamrie Hart offers advice for proper drinking etiquette like offering your group cigars and whisky (classy) to using a beer can as a tee (unclassy).
Magazines / The Golf Life | The Fringe

The Golf Life: Puff Daddy

Be the most knowledgeable cigar guy in your foursome.
December 2014

Where There's Smoke: David Courtney

As attitudes—and laws—on marijuana shift, weed-loving golfers are stepping out of the shadows and onto the tee
June 2014
Magazines / Private % vs. Public %

Golf's 'Other' Rules

We surveyed more than 2,600 public and private-course golfers throughout the United States to learn what's acceptable at their courses.
October 2010
Results: 1 - 4 of 4
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