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sean foley

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The Best of Sean Foley - Clubhead Lag

If you don't let the clubhead release naturally, you're going to hit a lot of weak slices. Let your wrists unhinge and square up with your targetit'll result in better speed and accuracy.
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Sean Foley: Where Destiny Leads

Driven by curiosity as much as success, Sean Foley goes about the business of teaching Tiger Woods with purpose, perspective -- and his eyes wide open.
July 09, 2012
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Sean Foley: Maintaining Balance

Maintaining balance is often discussed as a key to making a good golf swing, but what you rarely hear about is proprioception. What is it? Tiger Woods' swing coach Sean Foley explains.
June 2012
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Sean Foley: Your New Bunker Setup

Leaning (and staying) left will make you more consistent in greenside sand.
August 2012
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Sean Foley: The Right-Arm Drill

Improve your chip shots with this simple drill from top-ranked teacher Sean Foley. Hold the angle you set in your right wrist well past impact.
June 2012

August 2012 Table of Contents

PGA Preview; The Essential Pete Dye, Keegan Bradley profile, Rowdy Ryder Cup; Tiger's Miracle Memorial Flop Shot; Rickie Fowler: How To Hit Greens; Steve Stricker: Make Birdies; Swing Sequence: Kyle Stanley; Tom Watson; Sean Foley; Butch Harmon; David Leadbetter; Jim McLean; Hank Haney; Away Game: Chicago; Hot List: Push Carts; What's In My Bag: Louis Oosthuizen;

The Tiger Woods Timeline

A look back at the noteworthy events that have transpired during Tiger Woods' attempt to recover from his personal scandal.
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Tiger Woods puts extra distance between himself and Foley

SAN FRANCISCO -- This week at the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods wants less from other people and more from himself.Just as Woods has been opting for more 3-woods and 2-irons this week, he's also been...
Sunday, 6/17/2012 at 2:33PM
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Media: 'How does Johnny Miller have a job?'

(Getty Images photo) The Olympic Club is renowned for its U.S. Open villains, usually culled from its playing ranks (Jack Fleck, Billy Casper, Scott Simpson). On Saturday, it apparently identified one in the broadcast...
Saturday, 6/16/2012 at 10:20PM
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Holes in his game remain, but Woods is good enough to lead

SAN FRANCISCO -- To sum up: he started steadily enough and finished with a nice wee par save from the front bunker at the last. But the stuff in the middle was a bit...
Friday, 6/15/2012 at 10:41PM
Results: 111 - 120 of 211
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