sean connery

sean connery

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Missing Links: Golf's decline in the UK and where have all the nicknames gone?

By John Strege Stories worth your time, in case you missed them: In 1983, there were 12 tournaments played in England and Wales, Derek Lawrenson notes in the United Kingdom's Golf Today. Today there are...
Wednesday, 4/2/2014 at 1:17PM
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The Coolest Golfers Of All Time

As Fred Couples enters the Hall of Fame, we salute those golfers who have that certain something
May 2013

Famous Golfers

A selection from Golf Digest's 60 Most Famous Golfers

My Shot: Miller Barber

Some precious insight from Mr. X on six decades as a professional golfer, observing everyone from Hogan to Palmer to Nicklaus to Mickelson.
November 2005
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