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Charles Manson, a judge and a vote that kept the U.S. Open from Los Angeles CC…until now

Los Angeles Country Club has a colorful history that includes its proximity to the Playboy Mansion (adjacent to the 13th green) and Groucho Marx’ failed bid to join, prompting him to famously say, “Why...
Friday, 8/29/2014 at 11:46AM
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Sandy Tatum Remembers Bill Campbell

Sandy Tatum remembers the life of a famed amateur and former USGA President.
September 10, 2013
Golf World

Golf World's Backspin Issue: (More) Words From The Wise

A passionate, lifelong amateur, an Australian legend, a black tour pro who beat long odds, an Lpga founder, a legendary instructor, a Masters champion, a multi-faceted golf architect and one of the best players of her era discuss their lives and the game.
March 26, 2012
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Jaime Diaz: The Thrill In Life Is In Going For It

As Sandy Tatum explains, the thrill in life is in going for it.
May 2011
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John Strege: Love At First Sight

Some 70 years after first playing Pebble Beach, former USGA president Sandy Tatum will go down as one of the golf course's most important champions
June 14, 2010
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Hawkins: Bay City Rollers

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods lead the way as the U.S. tops the Internationals, 19-14, at Harding Park for a fifth straight Presidents Cup victory
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Hawkins: Let's Do This Again Soon

Regardless of the outcome this weekend, Harding Park has proven itself deserving of more Presidents Cups

From the Golf World Archives: Harding's Hero

Former USGA president Sandy Tatum's effort to save San Francisco's most famous public course is strictly personal
Golf Tours & News

Diaz: Hanging In The Balance

The Presidents Cup will shed an important light on the future of public golf in San Francisco

Diaz: 18 holes for 2 bucks

For young people needing a way in, there's no substitute for the lure of a lifetime: cheap golf
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