roberto de vicenzo

roberto de vicenzo

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Major Championships - Masters Biggest Heartbreaks

Golf Digest and Golf World editors discuss some of The Masters biggest heartbreaks.
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Slow play: 'He was clean shaven when we teed off'

By John Strege Kevin Na (again) and Andrew Loupe (shown here) have returned the focus to slow play, so we bring you a brief compendium of quotes on the subject. For those who think this...
Tuesday, 4/1/2014 at 4:40PM
Golf Tours & News / The Masters

David Fay: Fun At The Summit... Still

If distance hasn't been maxed out, it will be felt first at Augusta.
April 2013

Costliest Rules Mistakes

A look at some of the most costly mental mistakes in golf history

Regrets? They've had a few

We've all made mistakes on the course and in life that we wish we could do over. So, if you could have a mulligan, what would it be? We asked that very question to some of golf's most prolific names, from Arnold Palmer to Yani Tseng. Here are their answers.
June 2012
Golf Tours & News / The Masters

The Masters: Ringer Scores

Louis Oosthuizen's double eagle in 2012 adds to the lore of the best (and worst) holes in Masters history.
April 2013
The Masters

The Masters' Most Heartbreaking Moments

A look back at the most anguishing defeats produced at Augusta National.
Golf Tours & News / The Masters

From the Archives: Master Moments

Highlights from the Masters from Byron Nelson to Tiger Woods
Golf Tours & News / PGA Championship

Kindred: Brain Cramp

Dustin Johnson's biggest mistake at the PGA was forgetting to read the rules
August 15, 2010

Huggan: Hard Lines and Hypocrites

Golf prides itself on the integrity of its contestants. So why, John Huggan asks, are the sports rules-makers always getting in the way?
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