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risk takers

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Video: Ben Crane on his slow-play problem

Yes, Ben Crane knows he's a slow golfer, which is part of the reason he started a series of goofy videos that have helped overhaul his image in recent months (click here to see his...
Wednesday, 3/9/2011 at 4:25PM
Magazines / Fearless golf

Max Adler: Are You A Risk-Taker?

Why you pitch out from trouble or go for broke has roots in your psychological profile.
March 2011
Magazines / Fearless Golf

The Risk-Takers Issue: How To Play Fearless Golf

It's a new world in golf, and it's not for the meek. We present the game's 30 boldest figures.
The Risk-Takers Issue

Photos: Outtakes From Golf Digest's Risk-Takers Issue

Exclusive outtakes from Golf Digest's photo sessions with Ian Poulter, Alexis Thompson, Donald Trump and Ben Crane.
March 2011
Magazines / Fearless golf

Fearless Golf: Shaking It Up: Ben Crane

Can you pull it off? It's all about confidence.
March 2011
Golf Instruction / Fearless golf

Fearless Golf: 10 Rules From Arnold Palmer

10 rules on being a savvy risk-taker from the legendary Arnold Palmer.
March 2011
Magazines / Fearless golf

David Owen: A Little Danger Goes A Long Way

David Owen discusses why the guys who win, more often than not, are the guys who are unafraid to lose.
March 2011
Magazines / Editor's Letter

Jerry Tarde: Editor's Letter

Former USGA Executive Director David Fay pulls off the ultimate risk: wearing a bow tie.
March 2011
Results: 1 - 8 of 8


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