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Dan Jenkins: How I Met Six Presidents And Scored The Souvenirs To Prove It

His Ownself's new memoir includes flights on Air Force One, weekends at Camp David and rounds of speed golf with 41.
March 2014
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Trending: Top 10 presidents who play(ed) golf

There's always room for debate in top 10 lists, but when it comes to the Presidents who have (or had) the best golf games, most can agree on number one. After that, however, it's subjective...
Monday, 2/20/2012 at 9:20AM
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Jerry Tarde: Editor's Letter

When the leader of the free world loves golf, it can't hurt the game's chances.
January 2010

Dan Jenkins: The Bush Golf Dynasty

The two presidents, 41 and 43, weren't the first golfers in the White House or the first in their family
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