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practice putting

practice putting

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Golf Instruction / New Research

Why You Can't Putt: How To Train Your Brain

New research shows that good thinking could beat out a good stroke. We present the actual, quantifiable benefits of positive thinking from Debbie Crews, Ph.D., head of the World Scientific Congress of Golf.
October 2010
Golf Instruction

Why You Can't Putt: How To Get Your Ball To Listen

Bully, threaten, and demand mediocrity from your golf ball on the green.
October 2010
Golf Instruction / The Ultimate Putting Guide

Putting: The Best On Tour Today -- And Ever

We asked more than 100 tour players to name the best putters among them and overall since 1950.
October 2010
Golf Instruction / Cover Story: Why You Can't Putt

Why You Can't Putt: 4 Things You Should Do, But Don't

The key points of a no-nonsense philosophy that has made Dave Stockton, the guy who tells Phil Mickelson what to do, the hottest putting teacher in the game today.
October 2010
Results: 1 - 5 of 5


July 28, 2014

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