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Rickie Fowler: How I Fixed My Swing At The Gym

If you play a lot of golf, a bad swing habit will exact a physical toll no matter your age or fitness level. Here's how I fixed my swing at the gym.
May 2013
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Butch Harmon: How To Start The Downswing

Make sure you get your weight going to the target before you start.
June 2013
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Hank Haney: Head Down? Not Quite...

Too much focus on keeping your head down prevents you from turning through the right way.
April 2006
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Dave Stockton: How To Putt Like The Pros

3 keys for getting set and starting the ball on line.
October 2011
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Tom Watson: Kick In Your Right Knee (Video)

Tom Watson explains why knee flex is important.
August 2012
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Fast Fixes For Every Fault: Topped Shots

Rick Smith's tip to avoid topping your shots.
May 2010
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David Leadbetter: Perfect Your Posture (Video)

Bending from the hip joints promotes good posture; bending from the waist does not.
March 2013
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

No. 1 Iron Fault: Do This... Not This

Correct your posture to fix the No. 1 iron fault.
April 2013
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Sean Foley: Don't Lift Your Head

How to avoid the one mistake you can't make.
March 2014
Results: 21 - 30 of 56
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