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Chipping & Pitching - Stan Utley: Short-Game Mistakes

Why keeping your head down could kill your chip shots.
Cover story: The Spieth Issue

Jordan Spieth: Be The Boss Of Your Ball

Try Jordan Spieth's keys and be the boss of your ball.
July 2015

Major Championships - Lessons From Chambers Bay: Pitch From The Dunes

How to pitch from the dunes on the 10th hole at Chambers Bay.

Chipping & Pitching - Tom Watson: The Easiest Chip Shot

Hit your chip shots closer with this 5-iron technique.

Full-Swing Keys - Tom Watson: Rehearse Your Round

Before your round, practice the shots that give you the most trouble.
Golf Instruction

Josh Zander: How To Make Scary Shots Simple

Stanford University women's golf team shows you how to hit the shots that save rounds.
April 2015
Results: 1 - 10 of 212
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