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Full-Swing Keys - Hank Haney: What To Feel At The Top

Get in a perfect position at the top of your swing.

Chipping & Pitching - Erika Larkin: No More Chunks

A small adjustment in your setup and a visual aid will help you groove the descending contact you need for good chip shots. For better strikes, try this quick drill from Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Erika Larkin.

Major Championships - Lessons From Pinehurst: Escaping Waste Areas

The yawning waste areas at Pinehurst No. 2 are unavoidable, so learning how to escape them is vital.

Driving - Don Hurter: Don't Make a Fake Turn

Your goal should be to make the biggest turn that's right for your body and flexibility level. Turn your hips and shoulders fully, and let your arms swing back to the point where you can keep your left arm reasonably straight.

Major Championships - Lessons From Pinehurst: Putting From The Fairway

With Pinehurst No. 2 repelling many approach shots, players need to master using a putter from off the green.

Major Championships - Lessons From Pinehurst: Hitting Off Pine Straw

The pine straw is unavoidable at Pinehurst No. 2., so learning how to make crisp, clean contact off of it is essential.

Major Championships - Lessons From Pinehurst: Clearing The High Lip

With Pinehurst No. 2 featuring deep bunkers, players will need the ability to get the ball up in the air quickly to clear the high lips.

Major Championships - Lessons From Pinehurst: The Bump-And-Run

With so many tightly-mown collection areas around the greens at Pinehurst No. 2, many golfers will need to master the bump-and-run to save par.

Slicing - Martin Hall: Hit It Solid All The Time

Simple fix: Martin Hall, host of Golf Channel's "School Of Golf" offers a quick drill that will help you develop a centered swing and hit it solid all the time.

Slicing - Rick Smith: Why Slicers Slice

Slicers slice because they try to pull the ball at impact. Golf Digest Teaching Professional Rick Smith demonstrates a simple exercise that will help correct this move and fix your slice.
Results: 11 - 20 of 1154

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