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pebble beach

pebble beach

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Pebble Beach: Was it worth it?

We accosted a random sample of golfers at Pebble Beach and asked them about the $300 round they'd just played
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Fields: Investing Pays Off

When put to the test, First Tee kids really shine
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Sterge: Paradise Lost

Cypress Point Club, gone from the Pebble Beach rota since Shoal Creek, retains its beauty -- and insular ways
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Sirak Says: The Toughest Test

The "Point Missers" don't get it. The U.S. Open is what it should be -- the complete final exam. Only one person gets an A
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Angry Golfer: Bloodletting In California

Want to play Pebble Beach? You're looking at $2500 before you tip the parking guy or snack on foie gras at the halfway house
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Why We Play Golf

Nice letter from New Jersey reader Bruce Ford, who played in the Cleveland Golf father-and-son event on Monterey Peninsula. In the why-we-play department: Arriving the day after Christmas, then starting play on the 27th, the...
Monday, 1/7/2008 at 3:31PM

My Shot: Ken Venturi

For 35 years he came into our living room as an inimitable TV presence. Now it's our turn to drop in on him for a breezy trip to the memory bank.
December 2004
Results: 241 - 247 of 247
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