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Most Fun Courses

Golf doesn't have to be an ordeal. You work hard enough off the course! At these venues, 'play' and 'golf' are not mutually exclusive. We chose them with the help of Golf Digest's panelists, who create our biennial rankings of America's 100 Greatest, 100 Greatest Public and the Best in State.
September 2012
Magazines / 60th Anniversary

Game Changers: The Most Important Courses

As part of our 60th anniversary, Golf Digest lists the most important courses, decade by decade. Collectively, these golf courses have contributed to the development of every facet of the game.
November 2010
Golf Courses & Golf Travel / Game Changers

Most Important Courses: How We Made Our Selections

How we made our selections for America's most important courses, as well as additional courses we believe have had an influence on American golf.
November 2010
Golf Courses & Golf Travel / A Critic's Rant

A Critic's Rant: Why the lack of innovation?

Instead of developing original golf holes to address 21st-century technology, time constraints and resource limitations, architects are preoccupied with decrying technology and clamoring for a rollback in ball distance.
November 2010
Golf Courses & Golf Travel

Architecture: Worst of the best

Here are Architecture Editor Ron Whitten's picks of the worst holes on the nation's best courses.
December 2008
Results: 1 - 5 of 5
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