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On eve of Canadian Open, Weir returns to Stack & Tilt

Remember when Mike Weir was the player to beat on the PGA Tour? That was after he won the 2003 Masters, plus two more events that year. The next year wasn't too shabby, either, winning...
Wednesday, 7/20/2011 at 10:31AM
Health & Fitness

Saturday Morning Tip: Don't stretch!

I had the pleasure yesterday of spending some time with tour player Brad Faxon, who was helping the Stack & Tilt gurus Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett give a presentation to a large group of...
Saturday, 5/14/2011 at 11:01AM

Does Foley teach Stack & Tilt?

Sean Foley has been coming under tremendous scrutiny recently, as Tiger Woods' progress with his new swing seems to be a two-steps-forward, one-step-backward process. But it's not just the barrage of tweets from Tiger's former...
Wednesday, 3/16/2011 at 5:42PM

What's the future of Stack & Tilt?

In the wake of Aaron Baddeley's long-in-coming victory yesterday at the Northern Trust Open--after forsaking the Stack & Tilt instruction method he was so closely linked with for more than two years--much is being written...
Monday, 2/21/2011 at 1:56PM
Golf Instruction

Sean Foley vs. Stack & Tilt

A quick spin around golf's blogs and chat rooms turns up the claim that Sean Foley teaches a swing that is remarkably similar to Stack & Tilt. View a frame-by-frame comparison of Sean Foley and Stack & Tilt's teaching of the golf swing and decide for yourself.
September 2010

Stack & Tilt Critics Speak Out

Teachers Weigh In On Stack & Tilt
September 2007
Golf Instruction

Tips Plus: Stack & Tilt (Dec. 2009)

Senior Editor Peter Morrice breaks down the steps for using the tour's hot new swing: setup, backswing, impact.
December 2009
Golf Instruction

6 Steps To Stack & Tilt

The Stack & Tilt Swing is a mechanically simpler way to hit the ball. The following are the first pieces you should focus on when trying Stack & Tilt for the first time.

Tim Rosaforte: Goosen Gets His Groove Back

How the belly putter helped him find his stroke again

Rubenstein: Centers Of Attention

Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett are instructors with a big, bold idea--and more and more top players are listening
Results: 1 - 10 of 13
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