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long game

long game

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Golf Instruction

Todd Anderson: Load And Explode

How to build power and deliver it to the ball.
October 2014
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Jessica Korda: Shots That Save Shots

Jessica Korda and Golf Digest Teaching Professional Dean Reinmuth offer up a few tips to help you pull off that clutch specialty shot.
April 2014

Driving - Sean Foley: Swing Like A Powerlifter

The secret is in the squat. Let your knees flare out as you start down, and you'll pick up some noticeable distance.

Driving - Kyle Stanley: Keys To Go Long

Don't rush the backswing, and be sure you make a full turn behind the ball. You're going to want to keep your upper body behind the ball through impact to use your power.
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Kyle Stanley: 4 Keys To Go Long

Find extra power you didn't know you had with these keys from Kyle Stanley, one of the tour's leaders in driving distance.
March 2014
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Rick Smith: How To Make A Big Turn (Video)

Try Rick Smith's new backswing key for gaining distance.
February 2014
Golf Instruction

Justin Rose: How To Rip Your 3-Wood

My keys to getting the most out of the most important club.
January 2014
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Justin Rose: Rip Your 3-Wood (Video)

Stay closed to the target during the backswing to produce a good rhythm and create lag.
January 2014
Golf Instruction / Swing Sequences

Jason Dufner: Swing Sequence (Video)

Jason Dufner's swing is a lot like his personality: not flashy but rock steady. View his 'Hogan-like' swing in this slow-motion video.
August 2013
Results: 1 - 10 of 51
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