lob shot

lob shot

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Golf Instruction / Lesson tee

Erika Larkin: How To Hit A Lob

Easy tips for playing golf's coolest shot.
February 2014
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Rick Smith: The Lob Shot (Video)

Open-and-shut case: Maintain an open clubface past impact to produce a higher ball flight.
December 2011
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Tiger's Miracle Shot

Setup and swing keys to hit superhuman wedge shots, like the one Tiger holed.
August 2012
Golf Instruction / lesson tee

Rick Smith: Face The Sky To Hit It High

Keep the clubface open to execute the lob shot.
December 2011
Golf Instruction / Top 50 Teachers | Video drills

Instruction Video: Carol Preisinger - The Lob Shot

Every golfer needs to be able to hit the lob shot. Top 50 Teacher Carol Preisinger shows you how to approach this shot and get close to the pin.
Golf Instruction

The Lob Shot with Carol Preisinger

Instruction video from a GFW Top 50 Teacher
Results: 1 - 7 of 7
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