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Why They're Carrying On

The more than 150 caddies involved in a $50 million lawsuit against the PGA Tour aren't just seeking money for health care and pension coverage. They're also seeking respect
May 11, 2015
Gear & Equipment

Acushnet patent-infringement case takes on start-up brands

Acushnet, the parent company of golf ball behemoth Titleist, is saying more than a dozen different balls from an array of small startup companies are infringing on its patents for dimple patterns.So it’s suing them. The...
Wednesday, 4/15/2015 at 3:22PM
News & Tours

Report: Dustin Johnson suing for allegedly being scammed out of $3 million

Dustin Johnson has filed a lawsuit for allegedly having $3 million stolen from him by three of his closest advisors, according to a report by The lawsuit alleges the money given by Johnson to...
Sunday, 11/2/2014 at 9:44AM
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Report: Rory to take break from golf because of Horizon lawsuit

Rory McIlroy's legal dispute with his former management company, Horizon, took another interesting turn on Monday as the World No. 1 announced he will take a short break from the game to prepare for the...
Monday, 10/20/2014 at 2:26PM
Courses & Travel

What's in a name? The owners of two courses, both called TimberStone, may soon find out

By Peter Finch A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But what about a TimberStone? That’s the gist of a federal lawsuit filed recently in the Northern District of Illinois. (Hat...
Friday, 8/8/2014 at 1:54PM
Golf & Business

Jersey club to ex-member: You'll get your money when we're good and ready

By Peter Finch Many country clubs have promised “refundable” initiation fees in recent years as a way of attracting members. But when members leave, they often find it’s not so easy getting their money...
Friday, 6/6/2014 at 3:32PM
News & Tours

Explainer: A crash course on Rory McIlroy's court case against his former agents

By Luke Kerr-DineenWhile the details of Rory McIlroy's legal action against his former agency, Horizon Sports Management, have been trickling out this week, some confusion still remains. We thought it would be useful to take...
Thursday, 10/17/2013 at 11:34AM
Gear & Equipment

Callaway-Acushnet legal battle over? Of course not

The protracted and mind-numbingly confusing patent infringement lawsuit between Callaway and Acushnet (parent company of Titleist) over some patents involved in the development of the Pro V1 family of golf balls has reached a conclusion. Again. This...
Friday, 4/22/2011 at 4:56PM
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Hockey Stars Sue Over Resort Investment

A messy golf-related story is all over the New York tabloids this morning, and it has nothing to do with the downpour at Bethpage Black. This one is all about a lawsuit claiming that developer...
Friday, 6/19/2009 at 9:10AM
Golf Courses & Golf Travel / Deeds and Weeds

Hey, What Happened To Our Private Club?

A pair of couples who bought property and "Gold" golf memberships at Fiddler's Creek in Naples, Fla., are now suing the club, claiming it has become essentially a public course. On top of that, they...
Monday, 6/1/2009 at 9:16AM
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