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Flick on the Grip

Corey Roop of Kingsville, Texas, had a problem--consistency-- and the March Issue, specifically Jim Flick's "Six Steps to a Perfect Grip" story, solved it. It took some work, though. After seeing pictures of Tiger Wood's...
Thursday, 3/20/2008 at 1:57PM
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Jim Flick: When to go for it

What's your risk-reward equation?
April 2008
Golf Instruction

Six steps to a perfect grip

Use a marker to ensure the correct position for each hand
March 2008

How to play consistent golf

Tips from our staff of 35 top players and teachers: From power to putting, make this your best year ever
March 2008
Golf Instruction

Pitch it low -- or high

Change your trajectory by altering your grip pressure
February 2008
Golf Instruction

Cure your slice

Drill: Think of striking the lower shaft to square the clubface
December 2007
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Jim Flick's Video Tip

To sink more breaking putts, check out this unusual lesson that Jim learned from 1947 U.S. Open champion Lew Worsham.
Golf Instruction

Lighten your grip

To hit it longer, take a tip from Johnny Bench
September 2007
Golf Instruction

Jim Flick: Open the face slightly

Jack says that's better than square or closed
July 2007
Golf Instruction

Always hit to a target

Take a tip from Tom Lehman: Practice with a purpose
June 2006
Results: 121 - 130 of 136
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