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Fitness Friday: Another study finds stretching to be ineffective

Poor, poor stretching. Once considered a staple to preparation for any sports activities, stretching has been singled out many times in recent years for its ineffectiveness in helping to prime the body for the rigors...
Friday, 12/5/2014 at 7:00AM
Health & Fitness

Fitness Friday: How to avoid knee injuries

Many well-intentioned people enter the gym each day with the goal of increasing overall strength and muscle function in order to protect their joints. The knees are typically at the top of the list—especially for...
Friday, 11/21/2014 at 7:00AM
News & Tours

A complete history of Tiger's many comebacks, and how they really turned out

By Sam Weinman As Tiger Woods can sadly attest, his return to golf on Thursday, three-and-a-half months after back surgery, is hardly the first time he has come back from an extended absence. At...
Thursday, 6/26/2014 at 10:22AM
News & Tours

Chronicles Of Pain: Revisiting Tiger Woods' Injuries

Tiger Woods has had his share of injuries big and small.
April 2014

Undercover Pro: Fake Injuries

Faking injuries for medical extensions has become a strategy to keep a tour card.
February 2014
Golf Instruction / Fitness

Fitness: Where Your Swing Hurts

How to avoid 5 common golf injuries.
September 2011
Golf Instruction / Health & Fitness

Fitness: Foot Health Guide

A guide to protecting your feet over the long haul.
August 2010
Health & Fitness

Fitness Friday: How To Fix That Aching [Insert Body Part Here]

By Ron Kaspriske I recently spoke with Ralph Simpson, former PGA Tour fitness consultant on the topic of nagging golfer injuries. Ralph's the smartest guy I know when it comes to treating pain without drugs...
Friday, 5/3/2013 at 7:00AM

My Five: Golf's Most Damaging Injuries

Golf Digest Senior Writer Jaime Diaz looks back at five careers hampered badly by injury.
June 08, 2011
Golf Instruction

The Healthy Golfer: Coming Back From Injury

These four case studies of tour players demonstrate that you can play golf again
March 2009
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