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Our Golf-Themed Costume Suggestions

It's time to step up your creativity at this year's Halloween party.

Shanked! - Lunatic Golfer Steals Another Players Club and Learns a Lesson He Wont Forget

Josh thinks hes playing a regular round of golf, but hes in for a surprise when his friend Steve decides to prank him on the course. Watch what happens when a nut job runs off with Joshs clubs, only to be destroyed right in front of his eyes.

Shanked! - Setting up a Golf Prank with Flying Tempers and Stolen Drivers

A crazy stranger steals your friends clubs, then breaks them right in front of himbut its all in good fun. Find out how golfer Steve pulled this off and pranked his friend Josh, out on the course.

Driving - Tom Stickney II: Why Trying To Steer It Always Means A Slice

If you're trying to steer the ball, it's headed right.

Shanked! - Shanking Lessons from Parks and Rec Star Jim OHeir

Find out how shankster and Parks and Recreation star Jim OHeir pulled off the ultimate golf prank on a poor golf victim who was set up by his family.

Shanked! - Terrified and Shocked Golfers Get 'Shanked' in New Prank Series

What would you do if somebody snapped your brand-new golf clubs in half? See how unsuspecting celebrities and real people react in this new hidden camera series where theyre the targets of hilarious pranks on the golf course. Watch your backyou just might get shanked next!

Shanked! - Parks & Recs Jim OHeir Goes Ballistic After His iPad & Golf Clubs Are Destroyed

You know him as Jerry on Parks and Recreation, but youve never seen him like this. Watch actor Jim OHeir lose it on the golf course when an unsuspecting Shanked! victim accidentally ruins all of his belongings in a wet and wild golf cart accident.
Golf Instruction / Play Your Best | The Driver Guy

Tom Stickney II: Turn Over!

If you're trying to steer the ball, it's headed right.
November 2014
Golf Instruction / The Driver Guy

Tom Stickney II: Monster Divots

Taking divots on the tee box? Leave some sod for us.
October 2014

David Fay: A Fun Alternative to 102 Member-Guests

Go informal and skip the 18 bad experiences.
September 2014
Results: 21 - 30 of 109
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