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Comparing professional golfers with their celebrity doppelgangers

Golf Doppelgangers

We here at Golf Digest spend a lot of time looking at professional golfers' faces, and it's quite common to hear phrases like, "You know who he reminds me of?" flying around our office. So we've decided to share the water cooler banter and offer up a few of our frequent comparisons. There's always room for debate of course, and we'd love to hear which touring professional golf celebrity look-a-likes you think we missed. Meanwhile, in no particular order, here are our golf doppelganger selections.

Steve Stricker and Joe Biden

Steve Stricker and Joe Biden

"Pensive" is not a word often used to describe VP Joe Biden, which is probably why it took us a long time to find a photo that matched the distraught post-Ryder Cup version of his doppelganger, Steve Stricker.
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July 28, 2014

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