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The Waggle - How Not to Get Arrested at The Masters

If you plan to be a patron at The Masters, you're going to have to follow a few unusual rules. Mark Crossfield explains the expected decorum of all Masters attendees.
The Masters

Five Iconic Masters Pictures, And What They Were Really Thinking

Captions for some of the most famous Masters photography
April 2015
Golf Tours & News / Jaime Diaz

Bill Murray: Keeping 'Em Laughing

Why does Bill Murray regularly bring his humorous antics to Pebble Beach? It's his unique way of repaying golf for the impact the game has had on his life
February 16, 2015

Shanked! - Fake Weed + Fake Cops = 1 Seriously Scared Golfer

Joeys friends thought they were just going to play a round of golf, but things get out of control when a mysterious bag of marijuana shows up in their golf cart. See what happens when Joeys friends get shanked!

Shanked! - Busted on the Golf Course! Behind the Scenes of the Ultimate Prank

How do you trick your friends into thinking theyre getting arrested for fake weed? Find out as we break down how our shankster pulled a fast one on his friends during a casual day of golf that turned into a drug raid by the cops.

Shanked! - Retired NFL Player Shawne Merriman Goes Psycho on Unsuspecting Golfer

What happens when you accidentally break someones golf clubs? When that someone is 275-lb retired NFL player Shawne Merriman, all bets are off. See what happens when an unsuspecting golfer gets pranked by his buddy and the former San Diego Chargers defensive lineman.

Shanked! - Behind the Scenes of Shawne Merrimans Rage-Induced Golf Prank

Find out how former San Diego Chargers player Shawne Merriman pranked an unsuspecting golfer with some broken clubs, a runaway golf cart, and a whole lot of rage.

Shanked! - Find Out How The Office Star Pulled Off a Crazy Golf Cart Prank

Consider it carts gone wild. Go behind the scenes of the runaway golf cart prank and see how The Office star Brian Baumgartner managed to fool an unsuspecting golfer.

Shanked! - The Office Star Pulls Off the Ultimate Golf Prank

Brian Baumgartner stars as Kevin on The Office, but today hes taking on the role of prank master. Watch the actor as he pranks an unsuspecting golfer with a runaway golf cart.

17 things you go through when joining a golf club

A humorous look at the steps to joining a golf club
January 2015
Results: 1 - 10 of 102
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