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Five questions with Polara Golf CEO Dave Felker

Dave Felker is CEO of Polara Golf, which makes a slice- and hook-correcting golf ball and is marketing a driver that exceeds the USGA rules on clubhead size and springlike effect. He answers five...
Friday, 10/4/2013 at 9:08AM
Golf Digest Woman / Golf Digest Woman

Tips for Her: Cure your slice

Editor's note: Each week, Megan Padua, a teaching professional at Maidstone Club (East Hampton, N.Y.) and Belfair Plantation (Bluffton, S.C.), and one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers, offers tips and advice for women...
Friday, 7/5/2013 at 10:04AM
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Fast Fixes For Every Fault

Beat your slice, hook, push, pull, shank, top, fat/thin, drop-kick, pop-up and toe hit.
May 2010
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Fast Fixes For Every Fault: Hook

Hank Haney's tip for fixing your hook.
May 2010

Setup Basics - Butch Harmon: Break the Hook Cycle

To break out of the hook cycle, practice swinging your arms a little slower and turning your body more aggressively to the finish. Butch Harmon demonstrates.

Slicing - Hank Haney: Check Your Left Wrist

Check your left wrist. Cupping it can lead to a slice; bowing it can cause a hook. Here's Hank Haney's advice.
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Hank Haney: Check Your Left Wrist

Cupping it can lead to a slice; bowing it can cause a hook. Here's Hank Haney's advice.
June 2012
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Hank Haney: Stop Losing Shots To The Left

Eliminate your hook with a simple grip change.
April 2012
Golf Instruction

Tips Plus: Chris O'Connell (September 2011)

Use this advice from Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Chris O'Connell to fix your slice or hook before your next round.
September 2011
Golf Instruction

Tips Plus: Rick Smith (March 2011)

Here's an easy way to fix a slice or hook from Golf Digest Teaching Professional Rick Smith.
March 2011
Results: 1 - 10 of 13
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