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Rules: Quick Nine?

What to know about nine-hole handicaps.
June 2013

The Reasonable Man's Rules Of Golf

How to play a quick, casual round while staying within the spirit of the game.
October 2011
Magazines / Rules

Rules: Drop or place?

What to do after lifting your ball: Take our (somewhat) difficult quiz to see if you know what to do in these situations
November 2011
Magazines / Rules

Rules: White Lies

How to proceed when your ball might be out-of-bounds
September 2011
Magazines / Rules

Rules: Storm Warning

Know the rules when severe weather approaches
August 2011
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Rules: You're still fuming about PGA

It simply doesn't make sense to a lot of you, this ruling at the PGA that Dustin Johnson should be penalized for grounding his club in an area of the course where fans were allowed...
Friday, 8/20/2010 at 2:16PM

Golf For Women: Rules and Etiquette Q&A

Genger Fahleson, Director of Rules Education for the USGA, answers readers' most pressing questions
Golf Instruction / The Rules of Golf

Rules of the Game video

Your ball comes to rest in a bunker with a pine cone directly behind your ball. Can you move the pine cone as long as your ball does not move?
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