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hank haney

hank haney

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Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Hank Haney: Beat A Slice With Your Shoulders

Beat A Slice: As you turn through, don't go past 90 degrees
November 2010
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Hank Haney: Take Your Hands Out

To become a better pitcher, top teacher Hank Haney recommends adding body rotation, limiting your arm swing and keeping your hands passive.
October 2010
News & Tours

Haney on Twitter: 'Tiger has...'

Hank Haney is now on Twitter and in his first five days of posting mentioned his former pupil Tiger Woods only once, during the second round of the British Open. "Tiger has three putted 4...
Wednesday, 7/21/2010 at 8:29AM
Courses & Travel

Tahoe, Days 4 & 5: The Celebrity Event And Wrap Up

To all jersey-wearing, autograph-seeking, celebrity-worshipping face-painters who like golf and travel, how and why did I not see you at Edgewood in Tahoe last week? You would’ve been a kid at a McDonald’s Playland, and...
Monday, 7/19/2010 at 6:01PM
Golf Instruction / Lesson Tee

Hank Haney: How To Hit Your Hybrid

Make a full shoulder turn, and trust the loft
September 2010
Magazines / Golf Digest Interview

Why is this man smiling?

After teaching Tiger Woods for six years, Hank Haney moves on
August 2010
Golf Instruction / lesson tee

Hank Haney: Play the hole backward

Part of the definition of 'good shot' is the one you face next
November 2009
Golf Instruction

Tips Plus: Hank Haney (July 2010)

Fine-tune your pitching technique: Segment the green to pick a good target and correct distance shot.
July 2010
Results: 191 - 200 of 279
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