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'Tiger Woods is first star where ending feels almost like it's tarnishing the beginning'

Stories of interest you might have missed… Dan Steinberg in the Washington Post examines the Willie Mays-Tiger Woods comparisons. “My colleague Matt Bonesteel thinks it’s entirely inapt, that ‘Woods isn’t done at 39, because he...
Saturday, 7/18/2015 at 9:32AM
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9 Tips To Hit Your Target

Instruction: How to hit the most accurate shots
July 2015
Golf Instruction / Play Your Best

Hank Haney: 4 Obsolete Shots, and What to Play Today

Here's a list of four shots you don't need to hit anymore (and the ones you do), all the way from the tee to around the green.
July 2015

Analyzing Tiger Woods: 'Tiger obviously has problems, mentally, physically, technically'

Tiger Woods at a major championship once fostered analysis on where he stood in relation to Jack Nicklaus. Now it promotes analysis on where he stands in relation to himself. Eddie Merrins, the renowned Little...
Tuesday, 6/16/2015 at 1:31PM
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Another round gets away from Tiger Woods; U.S. Open on deck

DUBLIN, Ohio -- Tiger Woods allowed a promising round to disintegrate over the closing holes Sunday at Muirfield Village Golf Club, nullifying any possibility of confidence-building experience leading into the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay...
Sunday, 6/7/2015 at 3:44PM
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A History Of Swing Thoughts

Why has the author never seen much improvement as a golfer? The answer lies somewhere in the space between his ears
June 2015
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10 Pieces Of Advice For Winning A Long-Drive Contest

Instruction: Tips for increasing your distance off the tee
May 2015
Golf Instruction / Play Your Best | Fixed on Twitter

Hank Haney: Turn, Don't Tilt

Fixed on Twitter: Why you are struggling to strike the ball solidly.
June 2015

Full-Swing Keys - Hank Haney: Eyes Level For Better-Striking

You'll be a great ball-striker after trying this tip.
Results: 1 - 10 of 321
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