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Tiger Woods

We figured out Tiger's handicap and let's put it this way: he'd still be giving you a lot of strokes

If you heard about Tiger Woods' 85 at the Memorial last week, then you might have also heard snickering about how Woods has fallen to the level of your typical 10-handicapper. We probably don't need to...
Thursday, 6/11/2015 at 4:22PM
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Ask Golf Digest: Q&A

Reloading after an O.B. ball, how many wedges to play, the hardest private club to join, and the funniest guy on tour.
June 2014
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Rules: On Your Mark

Before you pick up that ball, read this.
June 2014
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Rules: Quick Nine?

What to know about nine-hole handicaps.
June 2013
Gear & Equipment

Ping's Solheim files equipment handicap system patent

By Mike StachuraA year after announcing an idea for rating balls based on distance so that different courses, tournaments or even players could compete using balls that fly comparatively shorter or farther compared to today's standards,...
Wednesday, 12/19/2012 at 10:54AM
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Peter Sanders: Your Biggest Mistake

Stats don't lie: Golfers can't be trusted in greenside sand.
November 2012
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Rules: White Lies

How to proceed when your ball might be out-of-bounds
September 2011
Magazines / Rules

Rules: Storm Warning

Know the rules when severe weather approaches
August 2011
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