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Dean Reinmuth: 100 Yards And In

Master these shots inside the scoring zone.
March 2011
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Luke Donald: Steal My Feel

When chipping, don't get good at just one shot.
February 2012
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Luke Donald: Do's & Don'ts of the Short Game

Luke Donald became No. 1 in the World Golf Ranking in May. He has four wins on the PGA Tour and through July was top 10 in 16 short-game and putting stats. In the October issue of Golf Digest he shares his short-game keys.
October 2011
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Jim McLean: Don't Drag The Handle

The old advice "keep your hands ahead" is killing your short game.
November 2011
Golf Instruction / Breaking 80

Breaking 80: Ask Yourself - What Would Goldilocks Do?

For golfers trying to gauge greenside shots, a system is necessary for feeling how much swing creates how much shot. Enter Goldilocks.
August 2011
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David Leadbetter: Chips: Keep Your Left Wrist Firm

Use a putting-style grip to ensure solid contact on chips
October 2010
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Tips Plus: Hank Haney - Greenside bunkers (Feb. 2010)

According to top teacher Hank Haney most amateurs don't adjust their stance enough in greenside bunkers. Here's what you need do to escape those bunkers.
February 2010
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How to stop the chip flip

This drill will help you hit crisp shots around the green
October 2007
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