golf jokes

golf jokes

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Slideshow: The New Yorker's View of Golf

When in doubt, laugh: A cartoonist's pencil captures some funny golf moments in this New Yorker book excerpt.

Have we got a golf joke (book) for you regularly highlights golf books we find of interest to readers. This week is: Two Golf Balls Rolled Into A BarEdited by Jeff SloaneCreateSpace Independent Publishing, $8.96, paperback, 92 pages When 80-year-old Bob Morris,...
Saturday, 1/31/2015 at 9:49AM
Magazines / BogeyPro Golf

BogeyPro Golf Gear: Zero Distance Golf Balls

Exclusive BalsaCore Technology guarantees you'll feel frustration from the first swing. It's two-piece cover combines a base layer of styrene and an outer shell of cured marshmallow.
Magazines / BogeyPro Golf

Tips From Bogeypro Golf: Better Lies, Better Shots

After sending out a search party for a ball that's missing in action, you find it nestled against a huge oak. Not to worry... pull out your trusty Footwedge, check for spies, then kick away for an unobstructed view of the pin. For even greater distance try the Handwedge.
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BogeyPro Golf: Golf Special: Laundry Daze Coupon

10% off golf lessons with Chance Manning when paid in quarters!
Magazines / BogeyPro Golf: Golf Instruction

BogeyPro Golf: A Closer Look - The Bag Toss

There's no better way to honor another triple digit round than the ol' bag toss. The granddaddy of golf showmanship, it requires a bit of panache, a strong back, and knowledge of elementary physics.
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BogeyPro Golf: Golf Course Design Review - Old Bendy

A closer look at Old Bendy's par 9, 772-yard 5th hole. A poor shot will set up a tougher second shot that you would have had you had started with a good tee shot.
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BogeyPro Golf: Chance Manning's Swing-Plane Trainer

Proven method: BogeyPro Golf's Chance Manning demonstrates how taking off your pants helps your swing in this step-by-step video.
August 2012
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Tips from BogeyPro Golf: Refocus With The Club Break

It's not your fault you're headed for triple digits, it's your club's. Put that evil stick across your knee, give it a good spanking and get on with your game.
Magazines / BogeyPro Golf

BogeyPro Golf: Golf Special: Swing And Swim YMCA Coupon

Get 2 free hours of swimming at your local YMCA on Chance Manning's guest pass with every paid lesson!
Results: 1 - 10 of 21
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