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Slicing - David Leadbetter: Slice No More!

Remember this: In to out is a downswing thought, not a backswing thought. As you swing back, try to create some room for the club to move on an in-to-out path coming down. David Leadbetter demonstrates how.

Full-Swing Keys - Rickie Fowler: How I Fixed My Swing At The Gym

If you play a lot of golf, a bad swing habit will exact a physical toll no matter your age or fitness level. Rickie Fowler explains how he fixed his swing at the gym.
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Todd Anderson: Fairway Found

A tip for when you absolutely have to hit the fairway.
April 2013
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction: Swing Sequences

Swing Sequence: Hunter Mahan

I Want 10 More Yards: Hunter Mahan takes a lot of pride in being one of the game's best drivers, but what he really wants is that high-arcing tee shot that flies at least 290 yards. Analysis by Sean Foley.
May 2013
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Chris Kirk: Steal My Feel

Chris Kirk, winner of the 2011 Viking Classic, offers this tip for getting out of greenside bunkers.
May 2013

Setup Basics - David Leadbetter: It's OK To Spin Out

A spinout with the lower body, not with the upper, creates power. Follow David Leadbetter's words of wisdom to use the fast rotation of your hips for more powerful shots.
Results: 451 - 460 of 1136
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