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The Grind: #Dufnering spreads, Holly Sonders poses, & Valero picks

By Alex Myers Welcome to another edition of The Grind, where we treat every week with the same excitement that "Opening Day" gets in baseball. And now, the Masters is here! Woo! Wait, that's...
Tuesday, 4/2/2013 at 10:37AM
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Golf Balls: Inside edition

By E. Mike Stachura Cut shot: Inside the Maxfli U/6 and Volvik Vista iV.Who says golf balls are all the same? Volvik believes the dual core on its Vista iV, where the inner core...
Monday, 4/1/2013 at 8:24AM
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Bye Bye Blades: Game improvement irons

By E. Mike Stachura Then and now: Callaway's 2003 Big Bertha irons and TaylorMade's 2013 RocketBladez.Golfers' shift away from the muscle-back blade irons -- once the only kind of irons you could buy --...
Thursday, 3/28/2013 at 8:07AM
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Directory of Clubfitters: The Right Fit

Nationwide listing of more than 700 clubfitting facilities including the 100 best places in America to get fit for equipment.
May 2013
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The Second Driver: Callaway's new 3-wood

By E. Michael Johnson Tee it up: The X Hot 3Deep clubface is 10-percent taller than the X Hot. If 60 is the new 40, then 3-wood is the new driver. Or at least...
Wednesday, 3/27/2013 at 11:32AM
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Efficiency experts

By E. Michael Johnson It happens virtually every week: Reports from PGA Tour reps, ads from manufacturers and tweets from golfers all offering claims that tour players are seeing significant distance gains. How is...
Wednesday, 3/27/2013 at 8:54AM
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'Tis the Masters Season

This is the time of year when products turn green in anticipation of the Masters
March 2013
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Clubfitter Directory: America's 100 Best Clubfitters

Nationwide listing of the 100 best places in America to get fit for equipment.
May 2013
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Augusta Shoe Show

By E. Mike Stachura Go green: TW '13 LE showing seasonal colors.As Spike Lee's alter ego used to say in the Nike Air Jordan TV spots, "Money, it's got to be the shoes." Tiger...
Tuesday, 3/26/2013 at 9:19AM
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Jack Actually: The distance advantange

By E. Michael Johnson Blue Bayou: Odds are this drive went 4.5 percent farther than average. Photo: Robert Riger/Getty ImagesBack in his heyday, Jack Nicklaus had an enormous distance advantage that made him dominant....
Monday, 3/25/2013 at 11:27AM
Results: 271 - 280 of 590
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