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Swing Oil: How to Drink On the Golf Course with Mamrie Hart - How to Drink with Strangers on a Golf Course

Theres a rightand a wrongway to drink with playing partners when you dont know them. YouTube star Mamrie Hart explains how to feel them out so you can end up with a few new friends after a round.
The Golf Life | Rules

Rules Quiz: Count 'em Up

How well do you know golf math?
July 2015
Magazines / The Pour

The Pour: Mamrie Uncorked

What are the do's and don'ts of drinking on the course? This bartender brings it.
July 2015
U.S. Open

One more thing about the greens at Chambers Bay: They may have had an effect on putting

The statistical evidence is clear: Chambers Bay produced some of the worst putting averages in recorded U.S. Open history.First, let’s look at the granddaddy of putting statistics, putts per green in regulation. Generally, when tour...
Wednesday, 6/24/2015 at 5:09PM
U.S. Open

Maybe what Chambers Bay really needs is a little perspective

The present is a petulant child, prone to overreaction and outrage at perceived sleights, real or imagined. What the present too often lacks is perspective. Such is the case with Chambers Bay. The venue seemed often...
Wednesday, 6/24/2015 at 9:45AM

10 Golf Balls Sliced Open

We cut open 10 golf balls so you dont have to. From vintage goose and duck feather balls to the high-tech engineered balls of today, see whats inside the dimpled, white balls.

The Sexiest Shots in Golf - How to Play Through with Confidence

Playing through a group isnt easy, but Blair ONeal shows you how to get it done with three quick tips.

David Feherty's one-man show: uncensored, unhinged, and worth the price of admission

When you watch David Feherty on Golf Channel, you do so knowing he is filtered and toned down. Gastroestestinal humor and feigned shots to the testicles notwithstanding, most of Feherty’s antics are tamed, subject...
Tuesday, 6/23/2015 at 2:56PM

Epic Trick Shots - The Golf Trick Shot Boys Take Over London

On their way to visit the Queen, the trick shot boys decide to turn London into their personal trick-shots playground. Watch as they take over St. James Park, Buckingham Palace, and more.
Results: 11 - 20 of 3885
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