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The Sexiest Shots in Golf - Getting Out of the Deep Greenside Rough

Youre so close, yet so far away. Blair ONeal offers up a few tips for getting out of the deep greenside rough so you can save your par and get back on course.
Urban Golf

France Wins European Urban Golf Cup

Max Adler reports on the street golf competition
May 2015

The Sexiest Shots in Golf - Using the Toe of Your Putter to Get Out of the Fringe

Up against the fringe and not sure how to get out? Blair ONeal shows you how to use the toe of your putter to get out of the rough and onto the green.

Made of Greatness - Sir Nick Faldo on Visualization When the Pressures On

After winning three Masters and three Open Championships, Sir Nick Faldo is always looking for new ways to challenge himself. The golf champion explains why visualization is important when the pressure is on and how he applies that thought-process to everything he does.

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Made of Greatness - Jason Day on Chasing the Perfect Shot

Jason Day knows the more you put into the game, the more youll get out of it. Thats why hes the last one to leave the golf course and one of the first ones there. The native Australian and top 10-ranked golfer explains why hes always in search of the perfect shot.

The Sexiest Shots in Golf - How to Get Out of a Tough Spot & Back On the Green

Next time you need to thread the needle on a punch shot, consider this your get-out-of-jail-free card. Blair ONeal shows you how to get out of the weeds and on the green.

The Waggle - Jordan Spieths New Digs

What does every PGA Tour pro need in their house? Mark Crossfield muses on the must-haves for Jordan Spieths new digs, including a putting green in the garden, a trophy cabinet, and making sure his Masters jacket looks good in every room.

Shanked! - How to Prank Golfers With a Runaway Golf Cart

Go behind the scenes of Shanked! to find out how we rigged the runaway golf cart.

Shanked! - Possessed Golf Cart Interrupts Golfers' Game

Is there a ghost in the engine? How is that thing moving by itself? A runaway golf cart is the perfect device to shank unsuspecting golfers on the golf course.

These 10 of the best animal encounters on the PGA Tour will make your day better

When you hear "animals on a golf course", we won't judge you if the gopher from "Caddyshack" is the first thing that comes to mind. The selection of wildlife on and around golf courses...
Thursday, 4/23/2015 at 10:01AM
Results: 1 - 10 of 67
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