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Equipment: Conforming List Can Sometimes Put Hitches In Ball Switches

Justin Rose's last-minute change to a TaylorMade prototype at TPC Boston recalls painful examples of name pros using balls that abbreviated their stays at tour events.
September 10, 2012
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BogeyPro Golf Gear: Zero Distance Golf Balls

Exclusive BalsaCore Technology guarantees you'll feel frustration from the first swing. It's two-piece cover combines a base layer of styrene and an outer shell of cured marshmallow.
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2012 Hot List: Golf Balls

We found 34 balls that stand out. Why should you care? Well, if irons can be designed to address average players' flaws, balls can be, too.
May 2012
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Equipment: Core And Dimple Improvements Aid Pros In Windy Conditions

Breezy days are part of the Florida swing, and R&D specialists are increasingly able to offer low-spin balls that avoid ballooning, knuckling and other undesirable things.
March 19, 2012
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Trending: The real 'most used ball in golf'

On the heels of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, we thought it would be fun to revisit a clip from another star-studded golf tournament. Every year, the Mayacama Golf Club plays host to the Schulz...
Wednesday, 2/15/2012 at 8:56AM
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Equipment: For most at Royal Melbourne, ball choice was a foursome factor

Alternate-shot format gets captains, players thinking about ball selection and on-course strategy. Only a handful of foursomes matches involved just one ball.
November 28, 2011
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Equipment: Evolving Dimple Technology Puts A Smile On Designers' Faces

Ball manufacturers constantly search for ways to deliver uniform surface coverage. Over time, improved aerodynamic performance has become more consistent.
November 07, 2011
Gear & Equipment

Golf balls: A cold-weather solution?

The summer behind us, cooler weather is ahead of us, raising an old familiar question: How does cold weather affect the performance of the golf ball? Frank Thomas, former USGA technical director, has the answer...
Thursday, 10/13/2011 at 9:12AM
Gear & Equipment

Prazza: Tough to lose these golf balls

A golf ball that goes missing is an irritant, no doubt, but do we want to do away with it without improving our swings as a hedge against losing it in the first place? One...
Monday, 9/12/2011 at 12:29PM
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Equipment: Is The Timing Right For Intelligent Debate About Bifurcation?

The fifth anniversary of a short-ball test in Ohio and recent comments by Acushnet CEO Uihlein underscore the need for open minds as golf seeks to grow in tough times
September 12, 2011
Results: 41 - 50 of 85
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