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9 Awesome Apps For Golf

There are so many apps out there that it's way past the point of being overwhelming. Apps can do almost anything, and that's good for golfers. Instruction, humor, news, course management—use them right and smartphones can be a golfer's best friend.
June 2015

Ex-Microsoft CEO, multi-billionaire plays more golf than we do

By John Strege What does a Microsoft multi-billionaire do when he retires? He plays golf. Frequently. At least this one does. Steve Ballmer, who three months ago retired as the CEO of Microsoft and is...
Thursday, 5/15/2014 at 6:18PM
Magazines / Viewpoint: David Fay

David Fay: A Case For Transparency

Former USGA Executive Director David Fay lightheartedly concocts a Q&A about the Obama/Boehner matchup and adds that the President "should become an open golfer and get a USGA handicap.
September 2011

What is a 10-handicapper?

Tiger said a 10 couldn't break 100 on a U.S. Open course. But how good is a 10, and how can you get a number of your own?
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