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Coolest Items At The PGA Merchandise Show

Editors' picks from the PGA Merchandise Show
January 2015

Our 12 Favorite Golf-Related Products At CES

We canvassed the floor at the Consumer Electronics Show for the products golfers would appreciate. These were the best.
January 2015
Magazines / Golf & Technology

Golf through the looking glass

Find out how Google Glass is changing the game as we know it, from accessing weather reports with simple voice commands to getting instant yardages.
March 2014
Gear & Equipment

New gadget allows you to catch any bandit who runs off with your golf clubs

By Luke Kerr-Dineen Hopefully it has never happened to you, but if it has, you know the pain. One moment you're enjoying a refreshing beverage at the 19th hole, and the next you're getting ready...
Friday, 1/17/2014 at 11:11AM

The International Consumer Electronics Show - 9 Cool Items For Golfers At CES

Here are some products that stood out amid a sea of recently released or forthcoming gadgets at the annual tech confab
January 2014
Golf Tours & News

My Day With Google Glass

A firsthand look at how Google's newest invention may have accidentally changed everything about how we play golf
December 2013
News & Tours

Move over, hovercraft: Mercedes releases high tech golf cart to rival all others

By Keely Levins If carrying your bag, having a caddie, using a push-cart, taking a gas cart, taking an electric cart, or using Bubba's hover-cart doesn't work for you, Mercedes just might have the answer.With...
Friday, 7/26/2013 at 9:30AM
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