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Why simple carbs are killing your golf game

You've probably been told to ditch the pre-round bagel and orange juice and avoid a soda or sports drink at the turn. "They're bad for you," you've heard. But if you've ever wondered why eating...
Wednesday, 6/10/2015 at 8:00AM

The Best of Sean Foley - Three Steps to Better Putting

Sean Foley's quick tip to keep your vision quiet? Focus on a dot on the ball to avoid tracking the putter with your eyes.
Magazines / Golf Saved My Life

The Game Gave Me The Focus I Needed: Adam Hergenrother

In this month's installment of "Golf Saved My Life," Adam Hergenrother explains how playing golf helped him to learn the principle of mental focus and apply it to his life.
December 2012
Golf Tours & News

Golf Channel Video - Tiger versus Lorena

Golf Channel Video: Is Tiger or Lorena more dominant?
Golf Tours & News

Golf Channel Video: Lorena's Streak - No. 5?

Rosie and Inga look at Lorena's streak and talk to some Hall of Fame golfers about keeping it going
Golf Tours & News

Golf Channel Video: Deja Boo All Over Again

Tour Insider Tim Rosaforte and Inga Hammond report on Boo Weekley's Verizon Heritage win and the Golf Channel full-field flash

Sports Psychologist: How to stay focused

Golfers distracted by players in their peripheral vision...
July 2007
Results: 1 - 10 of 11
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