flop shot

flop shot

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Playing beer pong by hitting flop shots looks like a lot of fun

By Keely LevinsFlop shots are tough, but we all want to hit them because they're a useful shot to have in the arsenal -- and they just look good. Now, they can be used to...
Friday, 12/13/2013 at 11:03AM
Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction: Jeff Ritter: How To Hit The Super-Soft Flop Shot

3 steps to getting the ball up and down when nobody thinks you can.
October 2013

Chipping & Pitching - Jeff Ritter: Play Fearless Golf

To be in control you have to let go of control. It's when we try to protect against skulls and chunks that we're most likely to hit them. To play recklessly, make sure your swing keeps going all the way to the finish.

Behind-the-scenes with Phil Mickelson

Check out Phil's driver shot in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video of our June 2008 cover shoot.
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Martin Laird: Turn Bogeys Into Pars

Start getting your ball closer and saving more pars with PGA Tour player Martin Laird's three go-to shots from inside 100 yards.
March 2013
Results: 1 - 10 of 19
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