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Video: Previewing the Golf Digest Equipment Insider on NBC

By Mike Stachura You can watch a pro golf tournament on television multiple times a day every weekend of the year, but only once a year will you see an hour of network golf coverage...
Thursday, 3/21/2013 at 11:17AM
Gear & Equipment

Belly putter: Watch what you eat

Lost in the hysteria over belly putters these days is one of the most crucial elements in making these things work: Fitting. In fact, a survey of Golf Digest's list of America's 100 Best Clubfitters suggests...
Thursday, 10/6/2011 at 6:03PM
Golf Equipment / NEW LOOKS

New Looks: It's time you got fit for a driver

The quickest way to 15 more yards starts with a launch monitor
September 2010
Golf Equipment / Cover Story: Why You Can't Putt

Mike Stachura: Why Your Putter Hates You

If you haven't been fit right, you're asking for trouble
October 2010
Golf Equipment

Video: 2009 Hot List-The Categories

Watch and learn about the difficuty in classifying and breaking down equipment into different groups for purposes of evaluating them
Golf Equipment

Video: 2009 Hot List-The Coolest Job In The World

The Evaluators Talk about their jobs and how much they love what they do
Golf Equipment

Video: 2009 Hot List-Debating The Details

Debating the details and specifics of each piece of equipment
Golf Equipment

Video: 2009 Hot List Drivers-The Leading Category

Drivers: What makes them the leading category? How they've changed or not once again
Golf Equipment

Video: The 2009 Hot List-Intro and History

Watch and learn the history of the Hot List and how we got ready for the 2009 edition
Golf Equipment

Video: The Hot List Process

Watch and learn about the process we use evaluate all the equipment submitted for the Hot List
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