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Golf Instruction

Tip Plus: Tom Watson

Risk and reward: Tom Watson, 1982 British Open Champion and Golf Digest Playing Editor Tom Watson, explains when -- and how -- to take a risk.
September 2009
Golf Instruction

The Real Measure Of Driving Accuracy

Try our new formula to rate your driving skills -- plus, the one tip that can keep you down the middle
Golf Tours & News

Riccio: Mickelson and the Tale of the Missing Driver

Lou Riccio, who teaches rational decision making at Columbias Graduate School of Business and has served the USGAs handicap research team for three decades, takes on a lingering question from the U.S. Open: Did Phil Mickelsons decision not to use a driver make rational sense?
Golf Instruction

Fairway Bunkers with Krista Dunton

Instruction video from a GFW Top 50 Teacher
Golf Instruction

Tiger Tips: My new stinger

It's my knockout punch for pressure situations
June 2008
Golf Instruction

Escape fairway sand

Make adjustments based on your lie
December 2007
Golf Instruction

How to read rough

For deep lies, open the face and get steep
September 2007
Results: 21 - 30 of 32


July 28, 2014

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