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Golf Instruction

Golf Beginner's Guide: So You Want To Play Golf

Everything you need to know about taking up golf from the editors of Golf Digest
Part 1: What you need to know about clubs.
Part 2: Learning how to play
Part 3: Basic shots you should know
Part 4: When you're ready for the golf course
Part 5: Etiquette
Part 6: Those pesky rules
Part 7: Getting in golf shape
Part 8: What to wear
Part 9: Getting ready for an outing
Magazines / Rule 13

Play It As It Lies

The ball's not always sittin' pretty. Take our quiz to find out if you know how to proceed when it isn't
November 2010
Magazines / Private % vs. Public %

Golf's 'Other' Rules

We surveyed more than 2,600 public and private-course golfers throughout the United States to learn what's acceptable at their courses.
October 2010

Golf For Women: Rules and Etiquette Q&A

Genger Fahleson, Director of Rules Education for the USGA, answers readers' most pressing questions
Magazines / Editors' Blog

Determining Who's Away on Greens

Michigan reader David Buckley was among many who took Jerry Tarde up on his invitation to send suggestions or tips. After reading David's tip, I'm impressed again with how much our readers think about this...
Monday, 10/27/2008 at 3:44PM
Golf Tours & News

Career Aid: Rory Sabbatini

A very public spat over slow play gives emotional Rory Sabbatini needed pause -- and a new outlook
Golf Tours & News

The Champ Remembered

Twenty-five years after Joe Louis' death, Anderson recalls that some of the heavyweight champion's most significant blows were delivered on behalf of black golfers

The Golf Guru: Things every golfer should know

Is it permissible to chip a ball on a large green? What is a left-brain golfer?

The Golf Guru: Things every golfer should know

Should you take off your gloves for chipping and putting? Should you sway a bit when teeing off?
Results: 21 - 30 of 36
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