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The Best of Sean Foley - Clubhead Lag

If you don't let the clubhead release naturally, you're going to hit a lot of weak slices. Let your wrists unhinge and square up with your targetit'll result in better speed and accuracy.

Driving - David Leadbetter: Correct Tempo

Many amateur golfers have backswings that are too slow instead of too quick. Top-ranked teacher David Leadbetter explains the importance of maintaining a smooth tempo in your backswing.
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

Hank Haney: Check Your Left Wrist

Cupping it can lead to a slice; bowing it can cause a hook. Here's Hank Haney's advice.
June 2012
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction

David Leadbetter: Swing Mantras

David Leadbetter explains how swing mantras -- any two-word combination -- can help you improve various facets of your swing.
June 2012
Golf Instruction / Bubba TV

Video: Bubba Watson's Advice

The Masters champ shares his secret to dealing with first tee jitters, hitting it further and more.
November 2011

Slicing - Hank Haney: The Lie-Angle Check

Do your clubs fit your body and swing? Hank Haney recommends this self-test.
Golf Instruction / Bubba TV

Video: Bubba Watson's Watermelon Drill

As part of his cover shoot for the November 2011 issue of Golf Digest, Bubba Watson shares his secret for hitting it farther.
November 2011
Golf Instruction

How To Drive A Golf Cart Safely

Ten tips on avoiding injury when riding a golf cart
August 2011
Golf Instruction / Golf Instruction / Best Young Teachers

Nicole Weller: Get Your Power Back

Nicole Weller is a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher. Here are some of her simple tips for gaining distance.
August 2012
Golf Instruction / Case Study

Drive It Great: Breaking down Gary Woodland's swing

Case study with Gary Woodland: Randy Smith first started working with PGA Tour player Gary Woodland back in 2005, during his junior year at Kansas. He could hit it 380 yards—but not always in the right zip code. Find out how the 2011 Transitions champion developed a more controlled, stable swing.
November 2009
Results: 11 - 20 of 26

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