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Henrik Stenson: Drive it Great All Summer

Setup and swing tips for long, straight tee shots.
July 2015
Fitness & Power

Jeff Flagg: How to Belt One 463 Yards

Reigning world long-drive champ Jeff Flagg shares his keys for big, booming drives.
May 2015
Golf Instruction

Dustin Johnson: Crush Your Driver

How to hit your drives farther than ever.
March 2015

Make The Turn Weekly Challenge #39: Redline Racer

Prove to yourself that you can hammer out just one session of high-intensity, interval training and you can count this weekly fitness challenge as complete.

Make The Turn Weekly Challenge #37: Bomb It Big

Everyone wants to hit their golf ball farther! Although it helps to be built for power, anyone can very quickly learn to train themselves into a little more club head speed.  This week's challenge...
Saturday, 11/22/2014 at 1:08PM

Make The Turn Weekly Challenge #37: Bomb It Big

Ask any golfer what they'd like more of and they'd most likely say a few more yards off the tee. The next time you go out to practice try this drill to add more distance to your drive.
Golf Instruction

Rick Smith: Hit It Longer

Pick up 25 yards or more with my new megadrive.
November 2014

Driving - Jeff Ritter: Hit Bigger Drives 

Find more turn to add 15 yards off the tee.

Driving - Rick Smith: Hit It Longer

Golf's longest hitters have these moves down pat.
Results: 1 - 10 of 74
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