course management

course management

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Full-Swing Keys - Tom Watson: Rehearse Your Round

Before your round, practice the shots that give you the most trouble.
Golf Instruction / lesson tee

Tom Watson: Rehearse Your Round

Set yourself up for a great round before it even starts.
April 2015
Golf Instruction / lesson tee

Tom Watson: Scout It Out

Preview the holes to come while you play.
October 2013
Golf Digest Woman / Golf Digest Woman

Tips for Her: Rethink your angle of attack

Editor's note: Each week, Megan Padua, a teaching professional at Maidstone Club (East Hampton, N.Y.) and Belfair Plantation (Bluffton, S.C.), and one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers, offers tips and advice for women golfers....
Wednesday, 7/17/2013 at 7:47AM
Breaking 100/90/80

Breaking 100/90/80: Which Holes Make Or Break Your Rounds?

Trent Wearner, a Golf Digest Top-20 Under 40 Teacher, provides his tips for better course management.
March 2010
Golf Instruction / Breaking 90

Breaking 90: Test Your Trajectory

To get into position to hit a few good shots in a row, you need to start with the driver.
March 2010
Golf Instruction

Know where to miss

Take a page from a tour player's course-management book
November 2007
Results: 1 - 7 of 7
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