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The Waggle - The Greatest Love Affairs of the 2015 Masters

From Rickie Fowler's incessant selfies with girlfriend Alexis Randock to the Tiger Woods/Steve Stricker nipple tweak, there was a lot of love at the Masters this year.
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Golf 'n' Dash: How To Welch On A Bet

We offer this four-point plan for skipping out on a bet. No thanks are necessary.
October 2014
2014 Ryder Cup

The Most Contentious Moments In Ryder Cup History

Sniping, finger-pointing and gamesmanship might feel like recent phenomenon in the clash between the U.S. and Europe, but they've actually been part of the biennial competition since its earliest days.
September 2014

Golf World's Annual Lido Design Competition

View the best of the submissions to this year's competition
July 2014
U.S. Open

13 Things That Are Easier Than Qualifying For The U.S. Open

Qualifying for the U.S. Open is hard. Really hard. Here's the proof.
May 2014
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Closeout: It's Your Partner, and He's Choking!

To salvage his dignity—and your bet—you must administer aid immediately.
June 2014
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Money Clip: The Client Always Wins

One man's approach to successful business golf.
February 2014
U.S. Open

Tiger's 11 Unlikeliest Challengers

Woods' stiffest competition hasn't always come from the top of the world ranking.
June 2013
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Do opponents give Tiger "too much respect"? This reader thinks so.

I heard someone who should know better today predict that if Tiger Woods has a decent first round Thursday, he'll win in a "blowout." That insider obviously believes that Tiger's game, not to mention his...
Friday, 3/30/2012 at 6:52PM
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Rules: With friends like these...

Dear Editor: When playing with my Saturday morning "friends," we were on the green when I placed my plastic ball marker to mark my ball position. i picked up my ball and tapped down my marker...
Tuesday, 10/26/2010 at 7:01AM
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