club selection

club selection

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Hank Haney: Wedge It In Tight (Video)

Try this: Feel like you're turning to a full finish with your body, but your arms, hands and club make it only to a half finish. You'll hit solid shots with better control.
March 2014
Gear & Equipment

Adjustability comes to range finders

By Ryan HerringtonTo gather data regarding pace of play, the USGA added a local rule at its Women's State Team Championship in September allowing the use of range finders, a first for a USGA competition....
Monday, 1/20/2014 at 8:25AM
Golf Instruction

Tips Plus: Butch Harmon (October 2011)

Stuck between clubs? Here's top-ranked teacher Butch Harmon's advice for accurate club selection.
October 2011
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Lesson Tee: Butch Harmon: Picking A Club Around The Green?

Butch Harmon on how to pick the right club around the green
September 2010
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Match your swing to the lie

It matters whether the ball is sitting up or down.
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