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Swing Oil: How to Drink On the Golf Course with Mamrie Hart - How to Keep it Classy on the Green

Dont forget to keep it classy when youre drinking on the golf course. YouTube star Mamrie Hart offers advice for proper drinking etiquette like offering your group cigars and whisky (classy) to using a beer can as a tee (unclassy).
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The Golf Life: Puff Daddy

Be the most knowledgeable cigar guy in your foursome.
December 2014
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It's only Monday at the British Open, but Miguel Angel Jimenez is as interesting as ever

By Cory Bradburn There's never a dull moment with Miguel Angel Jimenez -- even during a practice round. Related: Jaime Diaz's profile on Miguel Angel Jimenez Here he is daydreaming about which red wine...
Monday, 7/14/2014 at 1:31PM
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26 ways Miguel Angel Jimenez would celebrate winning the Masters

By Luke Kerr-Dineen He may be 50, but Miguel Angel Jimenez shot 66 on Saturday at Augusta National, vaulting him near the very top of the 2014 Masters' leader board. In honor of his...
Saturday, 4/12/2014 at 4:10PM

Ask Stina: All's Fair In Love And Golf

What's your take on cigars? Do women care if a man in the group is puffing away?
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