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In not allowing shorts, pro golf is being, well, shortsighted

By Chris Millard It used to be that if you had something to sell, you'd "show 'em a little leg." For decades that maxim moved everything from Chryslers to colognes to Broadway shows. But...
Thursday, 10/11/2012 at 9:34AM
Golf Tours & News / The Masters

Chris Millard: What Makes The Masters So Special

After decades of making the journey to Augusta, a writer recounts a particularly memorable trip with his son.
April 2012
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Golf World boasts record haul in annual Golf Writers awards contest

Golf World won a record 12 awards, including three first-place honors, in the annual Golf Writers Association of America writing contest. Golf World Executive Editor Ron Sirak's article on the European Tour deepening its roots...
Friday, 2/24/2012 at 4:28PM
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Big Break Ireland: Julien's Journal

Contestant Julien Trudeau gives a behind-the-scenes look of each episode as they air on Golf Channel.
November 09, 2011
Golf Tours & News

Peeking Behind the Curtain

The reality of Golf Channel's Big Break franchise is it's a massive production with spy-grade secrecy -- and an enduring format that you either love or hate
September 12, 2011
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"YesSir!" Lundquist on his famous call & more

In the March 21 issue of Golf World, Chris Millard wrote a feature on famed broadcaster, Verne Lundquist. Here, Millard shares more from his talk with the TV veteran. From his legendary "YesSir!" during...
Friday, 3/18/2011 at 12:03PM
Golf Tours & News / Feature

Verne Lundquist profile: "Yes SIR!"

Heeding his Midwestern instincts (and Frank Chirkinian's marching orders), CBS' Verne Lundquist delivered THE exclamation point to THE putt on 17.
March 21, 2011
Golf Tours & News / 2010 U.S. Open

Chris Millard: Shot No. 2,889

Tom Watson came to Pebble Beach in 1982 having played in 10 U.S. Opens without a victory. On a cool, gray Sunday afternoon, that changed
June 14, 2010

Special Report: The Economy

From courses to companies to the tours, golf faces challenges in the 2009 economy.
Golf Courses & Golf Travel

Is This The Time To Join A Private Club?

The economy and new competition are just two of the reasons now might be the time to consider it
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