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Epic Trick Shots with the Bryan Bros - Nailing Incredible Golf Trick Shots Out of a Funnel

It's time to get tricky with the Bryan Bros. Watch as the trick-shot masters nail incredible shots that come flying out of a funnel and bouncing off of a trampoline.
Golf Instruction / Play Your Best: Fixing Faults

Rick Smith: Why'd I Do That?

You flub a chip, and then hit it again in mid-air.
October 2014

Chipping & Pitching - David Leadbetter: Take A Divot

Want to hit better iron shots? Follow David Leadbetter's four steps.

Chipping & Pitching - Erika Larkin: No More Chunks

A small adjustment in your setup and a visual aid will help you groove the descending contact you need for good chip shots. For better strikes, try this quick drill from Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Erika Larkin.
Golf Instruction / Cover Story: Keegan Bradley

Cover Story: Keegan Bradley: Work on your chipping stroke

Here's one tip that can help your whole game: work on your chipping stroke.
July 2014
Results: 11 - 20 of 265
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