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Full-Swing Keys - Tom Watson: Rehearse Your Round

Before your round, practice the shots that give you the most trouble.
Golf Instruction

7 Things to Watch for During Tiger's Return

Matt Rudy analyzes Tiger's game as he returns to competition in Phoenix
January 2015
Golf Instruction

Wes Mensing: Simplify the Short Game

Two shots to choose from when you miss the green.
February 2015

Approach Shots - David Leadbetter: Stop Skulling Chip Shots

Stop skulling your chip shots with this simple drill.

Epic Trick Shots with the Bryan Bros - Nailing Incredible Golf Trick Shots Out of a Funnel

It's time to get tricky with the Bryan Bros. Watch as the trick-shot masters nail incredible shots that come flying out of a funnel and bouncing off of a trampoline.
Golf Instruction / Play Your Best: Fixing Faults

Rick Smith: Why'd I Do That?

You flub a chip, and then hit it again in mid-air.
October 2014
Results: 11 - 20 of 270
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